Sunday, December 03, 2006

Must Work

Sunday, December third, two thousands and six

I'm about to leave for my factory to work a couple of hours. One of our suppliers made a call to my cell phone when I was having lunch yesterday. He asked me on the phone if it was OK to bring some materials to recycle into my factory today. Of course I replied "Yes, it's my pleasure.", because there aren't sufficient chemical materials to recycle in Japan nowadays due to Chinese. In fact, recently the people have been trying to buy up(corner) tons of the ones in Japan, so we must get as many chemical fibers to recycle as possible. That's why I must work today even though it's Sunday... (ToT) I think it's not fair to do business with the nation at the almost fixed exchange rate.

To change the subject, today my cute daughter is going to take part in the musical event at the piano school she attends. Needless to say, I'm going to see it in the interval of my work. I've been tied up with not only my work but also my private.... orz

buy up(corner): 買い占める

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