Thursday, September 07, 2006

What I decided to quit

I've post an article which has no contents before.
Let me introduce what I decided to quit to you. :) But I have to tell you a long story to describe the background. Thank you for taking your precious time. m(_ _)m

Last month I took a TOEIC test, a very popular and famous English test all over the world, in order to know how bad my English skills are. As expected, I didn't do well because of no preparation. I meant to know my real skills with no preparation, actually.
After the test, I realized my weaknesses - such as the speed of listening and reading, and vocabulary. Therefore I decided to study English MUCH HARDER from then on. But any difficult phrase or word passes through my old and tough brains as soon as I memorize. I had considered for a while if there are good ideas to keep my brains fresh as well as possible. So that's why I decided to stop smoking. I haven't smoked any cigarettes for one week so far, but I'm not sure I'm able to quit smoking perfectly. Ah... I also may have to cut down my drinking, though.... But I personally think it's a good way for keeping my youth to drink appropriate amount of alcohol everyday. hehe.
Anyway I must be so lucky! Because, not only I've realized my weaknesses but also I've had a good chance to quit smoking thanks to the TOEIC I took last month.


jd said...

Hi Plow,

That means you will save money, too! Also, it is a excellent choice for your health.

Some people say a combination of ginkgo and ginseng will increase mental acuity... maybe that would help?

Definition for acuity:

plow7010 said...

Hi jd,

How's you life?
That would be nice help!
And thank you for the information of a nice dictionary website. Looks very informative!
I didn't know the noun "acuity" but know the adjective "acute". So it's easy for me to memorize the meaning of "acuity".