Monday, September 18, 2006

Cool Picture

BBQI had a barbie, which means "barbecue" in Australian English according to my dictionary, with some of my ex-coworkers, who are a newly married couple, in the garage next to my house, which used to be my factory.

Umm.... nowadays my sentences tend to be longer than they used to be.

Anyway, we had tons of meat and shellfish - such as top shell and scallop. We had a great time. :) It was comparatively COOL in the last evening thanks to the typhoon No.13. :)

Talking of COOL, I took a cool picture this morning. Let me introduce the story to you. :)

My mom came to me with a blue face and said, "Ta, Takashi! I need your help!"
Apparently, there's something near a fence around my house...

a snakeWow! I found out a cool animal, a kind of reptile! :) I rarely see them these days. In fact, I saw a snake last week but seeing it is the first time in a couple of years.

It looks about two meters long. What a cool experience! It's so cool to see it in such a hot summer. :)
I took some pictures of the snake as driving it off... Perhaps I might be strange. haha. I should have taken some videos of the cool guest.

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