Thursday, August 17, 2006


August 17th, 2005

fishingDo you know Izumisano fishing port in Osaka, Japan? Maybe, don't know.

I went there with my family to fish some small fishes this past Monday - such as horse mackerels and sardines. It was too hot on the day, so we got not only fishes but also suntan. :) It was the first-time fishing for my kids.
We fished a lot and ate them for dinner of the day. I actually have a minivan made by Toyota, whose seating capacity up to 8 persons. Those kind of cars are very convenient whenever we have outdoor leisure.

my carfishes


jd said...

Hey Plow,

You have posted so many entries! Your fishing trip reminds me of my childhood.

kodomo no toki, watashi mo fishing o shimasta.. my computer is no longer enabled for Japanese.

We went fishing at both the ocean (umi) and local lakes (mizuumi). Usually you have a "pier" (wooden deck that goes into the ocean (

I know you like English sayings, so here are common phrases when you go fishing:

You put "bait" (like a worm or something the fish wants to bite) on the hook.

Sometimes there is a lure (

(Lure is also a verb... "The attractive woman lured me into the bar")

Then when a fish bites, you "reel them in."

Then before eating the fish, you "skin it" (take off the scales on the fish) with a knife.

Usually when you return home, someone would ask "what did you catch today"

In cooking terms, sometimes the meat of the fish is called a filet (I think MacDonald's has a filet of fish sandwich).

Americans do not eat that much raw fish (sashimi grade) or sushi. Typically, fish can be fried (in cooking oil), broiled in an oven (healthy alternative to fried fish), or sauteed in a pan among other ways.

How did you eat your fish? Cooked or uncooked?

plow7010 said...

Hey jd,

You always give me a lot of informative comments. Thank you.
Those pictures look nice, especially the one of the ocean.

In Japan, they say "kyou wa bouzu da" if they didn't catch anything on their fishing.

All of the fishes we caught were too small to make sashimi. So we boiled them with some soy sauce and seasoning.