Tuesday, March 21, 2017

"Wedding Ceremonies in front of stations" If I were a worker of a railway company

Wedding in front of stations

When I was reading a newspaper or something like that, I thought that there are so many styles of wedding ceremonies nowadays.

For example, Japanese Shinto(in front of Japanese god) style, Buddhist(in front of Buddha) style, and Church style.

There's a bit strange style, "Wedding Ceremonies in front of people."

So, I came up with an idea. I think that the reason I came up with the idea is thanks to managing an English conversation school in front of Izumisano station.

That idea is "Wedding Ceremonies in front of stations."

if this idea is applied to Izumisano, Kishiwada and some other stations,

The ceremony will be taken place at the open space in front of the station when the weather is fine.
The ceremony will be taken place in the station yard when the weather isn't fine.

I mean, it will be possible to have all-weather wedding ceremonies.

Of course, the stationmaster will act as if he or she is a priest.

The merits of this idea are as follows.

- Activation in front of the stations will be expected.
- Since the invited guests can come only by train, they can have alcohol.
- If the wedding receptions and the second parties will be had at the restaurants and bars in front of the stations, the events will contribute to their sales.

What it comes down to is that the stations and the shopping areas in front of stations will become more active.

However, I guess there will be some walls to achieve this idea.

Since I have the nature to write articles whenever I come up with new idea, I wrote down this blog article.

There might be such a railway company like doing this idea, though.

I appreciate your reading until the end of this article.

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