Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The 9th anniversary of Izumisano English School "GiTec"

The 9th anniversary

It has past 9 years since I opened an English school "GiTec" in front of Izumisano station. So many people who live in Senshu area(Izumisano, Kaizuka, Kumatori, Hannnan, Sennan, Misaki, Tajiri, Kishiwada, Izumiotsu) come to GiTec to take English conversation lessons. In addition, the faraway cities are Wakayama, Iwade, I think.

I really appreciate all of the customers, native English teachers, and Japanese receptionists from the bottom of my heart.

The anniversary of foundation is March 2nd, but we had the 9th anniversary party on Sunday March 5th.
The picture above was taken during the party. The party place was "Hale'aina", which is the Hawaii style restaurant and Bar very close to "GiTec".

We hadn't had any parties that all the teachers could attend because some teachers couldn't make it. However, we finally had a party that they all could take part in, so I was super happy.

One thing I felt sad is that one of Japanese staff couldn't come.

I will have a big party next year with all the staff because it will be the memorable 10th anniversary.

Let me devote myself in order to celebrate the 10th anniversary.

I think I'm so lucky to have such an experience.

I appreciate your reading until the end of this article.

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