Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Suggestion to Nankai Railway

Izumisano station

I have made a suggestion through the Internet to Nankai Railway before as below.

"Only the English signboard of Izumisano station is lighted up. I think the Kanji signboard should also be lighted up since there are so many Chinese tourists."

I'm not sure this suggestion worked out well, but the company had lighted up the Kanji signboard for a while.

However, only the English signboard is lighted up now.

I guess the reason is as follows.

If Nankai decides to turn on the Kanji signboard of Izumisano station, the cost won't be so high.

On the other hand, Nankai can't turn on only the Kanji signboard of Izumisano station, so they might have to turn on the Kanji signboards of all stations. Which means the cost will be so high for the company.

In the result, I guess Nankai decided to light up only the English signboards of all stations.

In my opinion, lighting up the Kanji signboards would be better because this is Japan.

The atmosphere around Izumisano station seems gloomy by lighting up only the English signboard.

Since I manage an English conversation school in front of Izumisano station, I hope the atmosphere around there will be more brilliant.

What do you think about it?

I appreciate your reading until the end of this article.

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