Friday, March 10, 2017

How many articles have I written on my blogs?

one of my lod blogs

When I was thinking about new ideas to write articles on this blog, it came to mind how many I have written on my blogs. (^^;

I started writing blogs when I was 40 ant restarted leaning English. That means I have an experience of a blogger for 14 years. I have used so many kinds of blog services, I haven't used "Ameba Blog", which is probably the most famous one. The number of the blog services I have used 7, including my English blog - such as Seesaa, Yahoo, Blogger. Is that too many? :D

I haven't counted the number of articles on each blog, but there are about 330 on my main blog. Simply 7 times the number over 2000, but there shouldn't be such number articles. The main blog is the biggest one, so I guess the total number is under 2000.

I'm impressed by the long-term experience.

Anyway, I feel that I could improve my English skills by writing blog articles in both English and Japanese. In addition, my writing skill in Japanese would be better. Since I would often write documents when I was a section chief of Research and Development Department, writing lots of documents in Japanese wasn't tough for me. That's why I wasn't disincline to write blogs at all.

Getting older gave me such a chance to benefit from the experience, I think. I mean getting older isn't demerit for people. In the old days, one of former world heavyweight champions, Mr.George Foreman, said like, "Growing old isn't a shame."(I'm not sure if this quote is correct or not.). That must be true.

I will have some more experience with managing an English conversation school in Izumisano city and an fiber-recycling factory in Sennan city for years to come. I bet I'm so lucky. :)

I appreciate your reading until the end of this article.

尚、この記事の日本語版は、こちらにあります。(Japanese Edition) ⇒

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