Thursday, June 22, 2017

Error when senling emails to "au" users

email error from au

I'm sorry for posting new articles for a long time.

It doesn't mean that I was busy. I'm just not good at time management. X(

Now, my English school "GiTec" often email the school's students various information.

Since we developed the emailing system by ourselves, it's customizable and useful to manage the school.

However, some errors sometimes occurred when we tried to email those who use "au", which is one of famous Japanese cell-phone carriers.

That didn't always occur, and we could send emails properly sometimes.

I tried to figure out the cause for the errors.

In the result, I realized that there is a high possibility of the errors when the emails include some URLs.

I'm not a "au" user, so I don't know the details of the cause. The errors seem to occur, if the impersonation-setting or something like that in the spam-email setting sets in higher-level, and when when the emails include some URLs.

When you have such kind of problem as above, I recommend that you should check whether or not there are any URLs in the email.

I appreciate your reading until the end of this article.

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